Ms. Emi

Ms. Emi


Dru Emiko Gonzales (“Ms. Emi”) is a 25 year old administrative assistant and instructor at Little Ninjas Karate whose teaching journey began in 2008. Ms. Emi is also a CCNA certified Support Analyst and Auditor at Key Information Systems in Agoura Hills. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from California State University, Northridge in 2016. Ms. Emi was married at Calamigos Ranch in 2017.

In November 1998, after attending a birthday party at Team Karate Centers, Ms. Emi started training to earn her Black Belt. She tested for her first degree in 2003, her second degree in 2005, and her third degree in 2007. She is indebted to the studio and its influential role models and instructors for the valuable life lessons and experiences associated with the journey towards Black Belt Excellence and beyond.

Ms. Emi spends much of her free time with her husband and sister-in-law. She loves travelling to witness and/or take part in new cultural experiences, trying new foods and new flavors of coffee, BBC nature documentaries,and reading. She recently returned from her honeymoon in France, Belgium, Holland,and England, as well as a business trip to St. Lucia. She is passionate about volunteering with various 401(c)(3) non-profits and participating in 5k/10k walks to raise awareness and funds for various medicalcomplications and diseases that have directly impacted her family and her life (Alzheimer’s Disease, Deployed or Homeless Veterans, etc…).

Ms. Emi will move to Washington by mid-2019, but will continue to perform administrative duties for Little Ninjas Karate. She hopes to continue her martial arts training after the move and will dearly miss the camaraderie and sense of family she found at Team Karate Centers and Little Ninjas Karate. The studio is forever her second home.