Mr. Fernie

Mr. Fernie


Fernie Rosel is 14 years old and is a freshman at Oak Park High School. He has been training at LNK since he was 5 and has been teaching with us for over three years. Mr. Fernie tested for his black belt in 2013 and his second degree in 2015.

He started martial arts at the age of 5 when he came to watch one of his friends and ended up joining the class and enjoyed everyday of it since then. He is happy to say that LNK and TKC has taught him important values that he can take out of the studio and bring into everyday use.

Outside of doing martial arts Fernie spends most of his time running cross country and doing track and field. He has yet to find a path he can take into adulthood but at the moment he has caught interest in either going into the medical industry or being a lawyer. Aside from everything else Mr. Fernie enjoys traveling and seeing other areas of the world and how the cultures of other areas differ from his own. Two of his favorite travel experiences are a cruise he took around Europe and a trip to Hawaii.

He loves karate for many reasons but mostly because it brought him traits such as discipline and leadership, he hopes he can show these traits to his students and have some fun along the way.