Ms. Sam

Ms. Sam


Samantha Kellener (“Ms. Sam”) is a 15 year-old attending Agoura High School. She has had over 6 years of karate experience, earning her black belt in 2015. Sam has been teaching with us for 6 months, and she is thrilled to continue her journey working for Little Ninjas’ Karate.

Sam’s karate journey started when she was 6 years old after given a recommendation from a friend. She fell in love with the art, and was determined to earn her black belt. Karate has taught her countless traits that she now uses in her daily life. Some traits include, confidence, discipline, and even commitment. She has become a part of the Team Karate Centers family, and she hopes to show the little ninjas the same support she was shown.

During her free time, Sam investors her time in improving her artwork. She says, “It is a way to express my moods and feelings”. Sam is highly motivated to excel academically while keeping a balance of her social life, Little Ninjas’ Karate, and her own personal passions.

Little Ninjas has contributed to Sam’s life in many positive ways. She looks forward to developing her new teaching skills while also adding fun and excitement to the Little Ninja’s experience.