Sensei Linda

Sensei Linda

Master Instructor

Sensei Linda took her first martial arts class while a freshman in college but her real introduction to martial arts was not until years later when her 2 ½-year-old son went to Team Karate Centers for a birthday party and subsequently began taking lessons. It was at that time she began her journey toward Black Belt Excellence and has been training ever sense.

She began teaching Martial Arts classes at the studio and developed Enrichment Programs at local pre-schools and elementry schools. Opening Little Ninjas Karate seemed like a natural progression for her. Working as an instructor while cultivating her appreciation for the martial arts, plus her love for children and a desire to give back inspired her to take that life-changing step.

Although it has been years since Little Ninjas welcomed its first students, she still looks forward to teaching every single day. She loves to watch her students learn and grow. She says “Every day I teach I learn something new from my students and I feel blessed for the opportunity to give back in such a meaningful way”.

Sensei Linda’s purpose for creating Little Ninjas Karate was to create a safe place where children could come to develop good character and build self-confidence in a safe environment using the Martial Arts way of life. She wanted to provide young children tools to successfully live life. A place where they can learn to set goals and overcome challenges. She created an environment where discipline and hard work are important while never losing sight in the joy of learning.